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Harris hitting her way to record books


Centurion: Brooke Harris


Brooke Harris may only be 14, but this young star in the making is already re-writing cricket history.

This Henley High student became the youngest player to hit a century for senior grade cricket at her club West Torrens.

She dominated the women’s B-grade match against Port Adelaide in February, where she scored 137 and broke the 81-year old record, previously held by the legendary Ron Hamence.

Hamence made his 105 score record as a 15-year old, playing in the Eagles B-grade on January 31 1931.

He later became a member of Don Bradman’s 1948 Invincibles.

This however is not Brooke’s first major cricket achievement.

She was also the first girl to play in the Ray Sutton Shield, premier SA boy’s competition, and made her A-grade women’s debut for West Torrens when she was 12!

Congratulations Brooke!, hopefully we see her in the state’s under-18 girl’s cricket side next summer!


Steph Frick